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Where are my hands?

I take the comics way too seriously.  One of my up and coming favorites is Brewster Rockit.  This guy is the unlikely captain of the spaceship R.U.Sirius.  He has had so many mind wipes by aliens that there’s really not … Continue reading

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Rhonda Gunn ~ Your Word

One of my all time favorite albums is I Wonder If by Rhonda Gunn.  This is up there with Steve Bell ~ Beyond a Shadow, Sara Groves ~ Conversations, Peter Penrose (self-titled), Jennifer Knapp ~ Kansas, or any album by Fernando Ortega.  One of … Continue reading

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The Big Implosion

I take the comics way too seriously.  I always look to see how the different comic strip artists will portray Christmas.  How many of them will actually mention the name of Jesus?  So many have no problem mentioning the name … Continue reading

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God rest you merry, ladies and gentlemen

For quite some time I have truly appreciated the Christmas carol, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.  Every year about this time I blog on a specific Christmas carol, and this year I’ve chosen this one.  The reason why I appreciate it … Continue reading

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Doom and Gloom ~ A song to cheer your heart

Okay, this guy probably believes some strange stuff, but you have got to listen to this song.  Check it out on youtube at this link here. Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13 -The Orange Mailman

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Letters to God

I just watched a movie last night that I want to recommend to everyone, Christians and non-Christians. It’s called Letters to God and was quite eye opening. The basic plot is this. There is a boy named Tyler who has … Continue reading

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Christian bands named after roads?

What’s with Christian bands naming themselves after roads?  It seems like there has been quite a few which are named after a road, avenue, or drive.  Just think, there is Tenth Avenue North.  There is Remedy Drive.  And there is … Continue reading

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