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Will There Be an End-Time Revival?

The quarterly publication, Watching and Waiting, put out by Sovereign Grace Advent Testimony, primarily focuses on the end times.  Sometimes there are other points of focus.  For instance, in this past issue, there was an article titled Prayer and Revival … Continue reading

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Where are my hands?

I take the comics way too seriously.  One of my up and coming favorites is Brewster Rockit.  This guy is the unlikely captain of the spaceship R.U.Sirius.  He has had so many mind wipes by aliens that there’s really not … Continue reading

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Sin and Finite don’t mix

I usually do not address things like this since there are a plethora of blogs out there that do.  I want to give my perspective on hell because I feel there is one fundamental issue that many people are overlooking.  … Continue reading

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Two responses to the posttrib position

The first response to the posttrib position is written by Craig Blaising coming from a pretrib point of view, but perhaps more importantly he writes from a Progressive Dispensational point of view.  This is important because much of the Historicist viewpoint that Douglas … Continue reading

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A Case for the Posttribulational Rapture by Douglas Moo

The third rapture position presented in the latest version of Zondervan’s book entitled Three Views on the Rapture is the Posttribulational Rapture view.  It is written by Douglas Moo who is well known for his scholarship in other areas and … Continue reading

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