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You’re wearing that?

Hello. Hi, how was your day at work? Fine, uhhh, what are you wearing? Is there something wrong with what I’m wearing? Well, those clothes are really old.  When we got married, I bought you some very nice clothes.  Why … Continue reading

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Ecce Venit

I have completed the book Ecce Venit by A. J. Gordon, who also wrote the hymn, My Jesus, I Love Thee.  I’m going to wind up recommending the book, but I’m going to qualify that recommendation.  The book was first published … Continue reading

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PreWrath Mailman

This post is not about me.  There is another mailman (city letter carrier for the United States Postal Service) who is PreWrath.  He recently discovered that he can make youtube videos.  He now has five of them uploaded.  I watched them … Continue reading

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Definition of Historic Premillennialism

I usually appreciate the articles in Zion’s Fire.  This past month, however, contained an article by Dr. Gary Cohen which left me a bit miffed.  The article is entitle Back to School: 34 Theological Terms.  It is an attempt to … Continue reading

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Evidence from Acts

Chapter 10 in The Coming Millennial Kingdom is entitled Evidence from Acts, penned by Darrell L. Bock.  Readers will remember Bock from his work on Progressive Dispensationalism.  This is a good chapter and I’m glad that I read it.  That … Continue reading

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Rosenthal agrees with me

For years now I have maintained that Revelation 21-22 contain additional information regarding the millennium.  In essence, those two chapter more fully explain Revelation 20:4-6.  The new heavens and new earth are to be correlated with Isaiah 65:17-66:24 and II … Continue reading

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How did Cain kill Abel?

Sometimes I wonder how little details of Biblical events were fulfilled.  How hard did Jesus cry at the tomb of Lazarus?  Was it heaving sobbing?  Or did he just shed a few tears?  When Michal looked out the window and … Continue reading

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When to translate or transliterate

Over at New Leaven, TC Robinson posted on a subject that he and Will Lee had a conversation about.  The gist of it goes like this.  In the Bible, there are certain words that are not translated, but transliterated.  Deacon … Continue reading

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Rhonda Gunn ~ Your Word

One of my all time favorite albums is I Wonder If by Rhonda Gunn.  This is up there with Steve Bell ~ Beyond a Shadow, Sara Groves ~ Conversations, Peter Penrose (self-titled), Jennifer Knapp ~ Kansas, or any album by Fernando Ortega.  One of … Continue reading

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The Big Implosion

I take the comics way too seriously.  I always look to see how the different comic strip artists will portray Christmas.  How many of them will actually mention the name of Jesus?  So many have no problem mentioning the name … Continue reading

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