It can’t be a prayer shawl

I’ve been reading Zion’s Fire again (I know, shocking).  The latest issue has an article in it about the three colors used for many of the cloths for the tabernacle and temple.  I had not noticed specifically that it was this tricolor scheme of blue, purple, and crimson which the LORD instructed Moses to include in the majority of these fabrics.  It is a very interesting and informative article documenting Judaistic observances based on the colors contained in the scriptures.

One thing I learned is that based on Numbers 15:37-41 that many Israelites sewed a blue thread on a specific covering which has become known as a prayer shawl.  There is this monumental debate as to the exact shade of blue which God instructed them to use.  Some will still only sew white tassles on their prayer shawls because they believe the specific hue of blue will only be revealed when the Messiah comes.  Others believe they have discovered historically which source of blue dye was used in ancient times and have begun producing these prayer shawls with this specific shade of blue on them.

Whatever the case, it becomes obvious that this is not a prayer shawl.

Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13

-The Orange Mailman

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1 Response to It can’t be a prayer shawl

  1. nike says:

    You’re getting more photogenic the older you get, Orange…

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