Evidence From Daniel

The 7th chapter in The Coming Millennial Kingdom is Evidence from Daniel by Kenneth L. Barker.  I was not impressed with this chapter.  There were some good points to it, but overall I think the book of Daniel in and of itself does not provide substantial grounds for Pre-Millennialism.  So the author had a tough assignment.

One of the good points was the author’s views on Daniel 2 and 7 especially in regards to the kingdom that will take the place of the worldly kingdom systems which will be destroyed.  The conclusion that the author leads us to is that this kingdom is Messiah’s Kingdom set up here on earth when the nations will serve Him and the authority of the kingdom will be given to the saints.  This steers us away from the saints having a heavenly destiny, but it is far from proving a millennial kingdom.  I did appreciate the author’s section debunking the idea that the kingdom is given into the hands of angels (the dispute over who the holy ones are).

There is a section on Daniel 9:24-27, but it is quite condensed.  The author does point out that certain terms of the six goals could only be fulfilled toward the end of the great tribulation.  But this doesn’t mean that a millennium follows this time period.  The anointing of the holy place in conjunction with the connection to Ezekiel’s temple could lay the groundwork.  This brings up another point.  The author uses weak terminology such as “might likewise suggest”, “may offer keys to a solution”, and “may support the view”.  It’s nice that he isn’t dogmatic, but the name of the chapter isn’t “Suggestions from Daniel”, it’s “Evidence from Daniel”.  People are reading the book looking for hard evidence.

One thing that really should have been addressed is Daniel 12:1-4.  One of the Pre-Millennial distinctives is that the resurrection of the righteous and the resurrection of the rest of the dead are separated by a period of 1000 years.  Many advocates of A-Millennialism [and other views that teach one general resurrection of the dead] will point to Daniel 12:2-3 as evidence.  The author did not mention this passage at all.  In order to have a good “Case for Pre-Millennial Interpretation” you need to have an answer for opposing views.  Some of the old school historic pre-millennialists like BW Newton, SP Tregelles, and Nathaniel West included sections like this in their works.

This brings up another issue that I have with the book.  It seems that the majority of the time, effort, and space is spent proving that God has a future for the nation of Israel.  This certainly is a part of the Pre-Millennial position, but there is a whole lot more, like for example, a literal thousand-year period with the resurrection of the righteous at the beginning.  Isaiah 24:21-23 (with Isaiah 25:8, 26:19-21) is the clearest evidence that I know in the OT of and it is completely overlooked in this book.  Anyway, it’s providing me with some good blog posts.

Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13

-The Orange Mailman

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