RW’s Pizzeria and Mexicana

Ron Williams, who was the best man in my wedding, has opened a restaurant.  When Village Inn went out of business, I mourned the loss of being able to buy a good taco pizza.  Village Inn had the right combination for it.  They had great Mexican food and great pizza.  Their taco pizza was the best.

Ron had developed a recipe for salsa that people love.  He made it for himself because he was disappointed with the different salsa brands available in stores.  So he thought to himself, “I could make something better than this stuff they’re selling.”  So he did.  He brought it into his work one time and several people commented that they would pay him to make salsa for them.  His dream to one day market his salsa was born at that time.

I worked with Ron at Village Inn Pizza Parlor.  He introduced me to his salsa telling me it was the best.  I was skeptical – until I tried it.  Next thing you know, we were taking Village Inn’s Mexican food home with us to have Ron’s salsa on it.  I moved on to the postal service while he worked his way up to manager.  When the owner of Village Inn closed the Muskegon location, my friend was out of a job.  Ron also had connections with the local bowling leagues as well.  So when he found out that the cook at Bob-Hi Bowling Alley was done and that the owner was looking for something better, he and Ron struck up a conversation.

Ron has been building up the business at Bob-Hi for the past year and is now getting some exposure for the positive change that he has brought to the place.  His salsa recipe is being served with Mexican food and sold by the quart or pint through his business.  Since he is inside the bowling alley, he has very little overhead.  But he started out with almost nothing.  Now he has two pizza ovens so he can make and sell pizza, and guess what?  Taco pizza too!

My wife and I love to eat there, especially now that it is a smoke free facility.  Apparently everyone else that eats there loves it too since they are submitting articles to the press about how great the food is.  Read about it at this link here.  Ron told me that a fellow who owns a golf course asked him to do the exact same thing there that he did at the bowling alley.  He said he has to take it one step at a time though.  We’ll see what happens.

Congratulations Ron!  I love your food.

Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13

-The Orange Mailman

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2 Responses to RW’s Pizzeria and Mexicana

  1. Overcomer says:

    I wonder how Ron’s salsa would taste on asparagus?

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