I Cannot Leave it Alone

After hearing people give me discouraging comments over the years concerning the study of the end times, reading a recent post was like a breath of fresh air.  I have heard comments like, “There are some things that we will never understand until we get to heaven,” and “godly men have studied and have come to differing conclusions, how can I hope to study and come up with the right answers?” and perhaps my personal favorite, “if you teach what you are telling me back at your church, you will be causing division because the senior pastor is pre-trib.”

So when Kathy Hall (The Overcomer) posted a recent post, I just about jumped out of my seat.  Here was clear reasoning why we should study the Bible, the end times, and why these reasons are not reasons at all.  I asked The Overcomer if I could post her post here and she consented.  So I’ll turn it over to her now.  Here is your guest blogger, The Overcomer.

I was told recently that I should be content to leave the matter of Christ’s second coming to just the truth that He is going to come again and that I should not be concerned with the how and the when of His return.  The reason is because members of the body of Christ disagree on this.  Think about that for a minute.  I should leave it alone because not are all in agreement on the how and the when of Christ’s return.  Isn’t that all the more reason to study it?  To understand and discover the truth about it?  What if there are ramifications if I don’t understand all that has to do with the truth of the Lord’s return?  (And there are!)  What if I were to do that with every area of scripture where there is disagreement, just leave it alone?  There is disagreement over how long creation took place.  So let’s not study Genesis.  There is disagreement over whether or not there should be women pastors.  So let’s not study the qualifications for pastors.  There is disagreement over whether or not you can lose your salvation.  So let’s not study all those passages that teach on salvation!  Ludicrous, right?  If I were to leave the parts of scripture alone where there is disagreement I’d have to walk away from it!
May it never be!

Paul wrote to Timothy that he should study the truth so as to rightly handle it.  To do so otherwise would bring shame upon him.  He also told Timothy that all (100% word!) scripture is profitable for teaching.

Being a diligent student of the word is God’s will for every believer.  It is what God uses to sanctify us, to conform us into image bearers of His Son.  The sum of God’s word is truth.  (Psalm 119:160)  When you add it all up, you have truth.  Every single part of scripture is truth.  As a whole it is truth.  Every word of scripture is God-breathed and teaches truth.  Scripture gives us the truth about man, God, sin, salvation, creation, faith, Jesus, His return, His kingdom, the church, Israel, Satan, angels, demons, godly living, money, forgiveness, evil, heaven, and hell.  The list goes on and on.  It is truth because the Author is the one and only true God and He cannot lie.

We are commanded to grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior.  We should never stop studying God’s word because all are not in agreement over what it says.  We should always strive to be gracious with those who disagree with us about what it says.  May we quickly correct what was erroneously held to be truth and when we have found truth, may we always stand firm in it.

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