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Heavenly Citizenship

I have been reading the book Ecce Venit by A. J. Gordon, published in 1889. This is a great classic bound to be a blessing to all who read it. Ecce Venit means “Behold He comes.” I don’t agree with … Continue reading

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Evidence From Daniel

The 7th chapter in The Coming Millennial Kingdom is Evidence from Daniel by Kenneth L. Barker.  I was not impressed with this chapter.  There were some good points to it, but overall I think the book of Daniel in and … Continue reading

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RW’s Pizzeria and Mexicana

Ron Williams, who was the best man in my wedding, has opened a restaurant.  When Village Inn went out of business, I mourned the loss of being able to buy a good taco pizza.  Village Inn had the right combination … Continue reading

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The Book of Hebrews from a Pre-Millennial Perspective

The epistle to the Hebrews is exciting. For those who love studying how the Old Testament is quoted in the New Testament, this book enthralls. Not only do we have the revelation concerning what Jesus is doing right now at … Continue reading

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I Cannot Leave it Alone

After hearing people give me discouraging comments over the years concerning the study of the end times, reading a recent post was like a breath of fresh air.  I have heard comments like, “There are some things that we will … Continue reading

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Doom and Gloom ~ A song to cheer your heart

Okay, this guy probably believes some strange stuff, but you have got to listen to this song.  Check it out on youtube at this link here. Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13 -The Orange Mailman

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Overcomer ~ The Novel

I recently finished reading a novel by my friend, Kristen Wisen. I have already blogged about The Appearing, now I’m writing about her second novel, Overcomer. This is a great story and I’m recommending it to all of you prophecy … Continue reading

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Condemned Already

I’ve read this post by Glen Scrivener now a couple of times and I’m beginning to appreciate this point of view.  The full title is The good news of being condemned already.  Why would it be such good news to … Continue reading

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Evidence From Ezekiel

The sixth essay in the book The Coming Millennial Kingdom is titled Evidence from Ezekiel by Mark F. Rooker. I would say summarily that this chapter sets forth solid evidence of a coming time period when Israel will be restored … Continue reading

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