Muslim Strategy

I was listening to In The Market with Janet Parshall on Moody Radio the other day. I was able to hear the voice of someone which had been referenced on several message boards as being someone to be listened to and heeded. The person whom Janet was interviewing was Walid Shoebat. I never really thought much about who Walid Shoebat might be when folks would say that I should read the information he has written about the situation in the Middle East. But after hearing him speak, I just might find out a little more.

The man appears to me to be a Palestinian immigrant to the United States who used to fight for the PLO. He became a Christian and now speaks out against Islam much to the dismay of many Muslims. Upon hearing the radio interview, he seemed quite educated and knowledgeable concerning the issues that plague our world today concerning the threat of radical Islam.

The interview was centered around the possibility of a mosque at ground zero, which has been in the news quite frequently of late. Walid had much more to share than on just this subject alone. He revealed the strategy of Muslims who come to the United States to get involved in different areas in order to spread the influence of Islam here in America.

One key strategy that he revealed was that Muslims will try to gain positions of authority especially in the area of law. The object for these Muslims is for them to try to use their influence to change our laws and systems (perhaps even our constitution someday) in order to bring about sharia law here in the United States. Muslims are instructed to vote for others that they know are Muslims in order that these positions might be attained.

Now the way this was presented on the radio program was like “shock and horror, Muslims are silently invading our country!” But think for a minute, isn’t this the very strategy that many evangelical Christians are using to try to spread the gospel? Instead of preaching the good news of Jesus Christ, many spend time, energy, and money on trying to get Christians into positions of power so that the laws of our country can be changed so that everyone will live like Christians. Instead of allowing the Holy Spirit to convict people of sin through the preaching of the gospel, we spend time dividing people into the groups of “righteous” and “non-righteous”. The righteous people, according to this paradigm, are people who vote for a certain political party, have a certain stance on abortion, homosexuality, and public schooling, and who don’t consume more than 1200 calories per day. The non-righteous are all those people who smoke, drink, and are trying to change the laws from what they were because everybody knows that we were a Christian nation until these liberals took over.

So think about it, is it a Muslim strategy or is it an evangelical strategy to try to get people of a certain religious persuasion into positions of power? Perhaps many Christians have more in common with Muslims than they want to admit. Let’s get back to preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are all sinners. That’s our core identity. Jesus bore the wrath of God against sin in order that we might have eternal fellowship with Him. We are born in unbelief and we must repent from our sins and believe the gospel in order to begin fellowship with the LORD. And when we do, oh the glory!
Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13

-The Orange Mailman

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