PreWrath on the radio

PreWrath teacher Ron Wallace was recently featured on a radio program entitled The End Time Tribune.  The host conducted a very gracious interview in which the PreWrath Rapture view was clearly presented.  It seemed that the host knew that most of his audience would probably not hold to the PreWrath Rapture and presented it quite charitably.  Had anyone heard of this radio program?  I can get about 6 Christian radio stations in my area, and I have never heard of this program.

This attitude of graciousness on behalf of the host got me to thinking.  This is how I want others with views differing from mine to approach me, so why wouldn’t I approach others that way when I present something alternative to their viewpoints?  If someone holds to the PreTrib position, shouldn’t I be gracious and charitable with them?  This is where it can be a struggle for someone who has come to some solid conclusions about the Word of God.  I believe that the coming of Christ and the rapture occur after the great tribulation just before the Day of the LORD and wrath of God occur as sort of a dividing point.  So when I talk to someone about these things, I don’t need to be ungracious, uncharitable, or unloving just because I have studied and have the scriptures to back my position.

It is a very excellent presentation of the PreWrath view, so take a listen to the radio broadcast.  Just a warning, it is over an hour in length, so you need to set aside some time to make this happen.  Just click on this link here.  There will be a little bit of music first, and after a couple of minutes the program will come on.

Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13

-The Orange Mailman

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