Reformed view of the little horn

I’ve been lurking on the Puritan Board for a while now.  I’ve just been reading the views of these very intelligent Christians who mostly hold to A-Millennialist and Post-Millennialist viewpoints.  It’s insightful to see where they are coming from.

Someone wants to know about the little horn of Daniel 7.  We as Futurist PreMillennialists (I know that’s who mainly reads my blog, I know some others are here) believe that this is something in the future when a wicked world leader will arise at the end of the age.  Christ Himself being the Son of Man comes at that time and judges the ruler and his kingdom ushering in the age to come.

The reformed community usually takes a historical view of a passage like this.  So the responses that were received on this question were along those lines.  But along comes somebody who wants to read the passage at face value and messes up what the mainline view is.  If you would like, you can read some comments at this link here.  I thought it was kind of humorous.

Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13

-The Orange Mailman

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1 Response to Reformed view of the little horn

  1. Tim Arsenault says:

    I read the link and it’s reaching hard to make fulfillment. They do this also with Dan. 11:35-12:3, it just doesn’t work. Back to Daniel 8, vs. 19 gives us a clue…”time of the end” a phrase often associated with the “end of the age.” The text also says in vs. 25 “he will be broken without human agency.” Do any of the Roman emperors fit this according to their historical view? TA
    Again thanks for your dilegent and rich studies!!

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