Letters to God

I just watched a movie last night that I want to recommend to everyone, Christians and non-Christians. It’s called Letters to God and was quite eye opening. The basic plot is this. There is a boy named Tyler who has brain cancer. He had an operation which removed most of the tumor, and then he had to undergo chemo and radiation. This is where the movie begins. Tyler has lost all of his hair, including his eyebrows. He has a scar up the back of his head where the incision was made. He is just about to go back to school and his mom is just about to go back to work as she has been off on leave to care for him.

As the mail carrier delivers the mail each day, he also picks up one or two letters that Tyler writes. The thing about these letters is that they are addressed to God with one stamp on them. The mail carrier has been taking them but hasn’t opened a single one. At the beginning of the movie, this mail carrier is going on leave for a couple of months and a substitute will be taking his place. This substitute has been a problem, calling in sick quite often. The postmaster decides to put him on this route while the regular is off on leave. He begins encountering this neighborhood and picking up these letters to God.

This movie is very touching. It has a very honest quality to it when approaching mortality, sickness, resentment, failure, etc. But this movie is also full of the child like faith of Tyler that breathes hope into everyone that he talks to. He really believes that God is reading the letters that he writes to Him. He encourages others around him who are struggling to write a letter to God. He says, “It’s like texting your best friend.” There are some very humorous parts as well that will make you raise an eyebrow or two.

I would have enjoyed the movie even if I weren’t a letter carrier. But the added element had me identifying with Brady as he learned to deal with the neighborhood. Talking with Tyler became like therapy for Brady who had been dealing with his own problems and failures. One note, Brady has a big drinking problem which is portrayed in all of its pathology. As he encounters Tyler and his letters to God, Brady is confronted with his problems and failures. He comments at one point, “Everything I touch turns to dust.”

The thing that endears me to this movie is the simple faith that God hears prayers and reads letters. Tyler sees himself as God’s warrior whose goal is to bring people to an awareness of God. Not everyone sees this as such a great solution though. At one point the mom yells, “I wish everyone would stop quoting the Bible to me! It’s not curing my son of his cancer!” Yet through the doubts, Tyler’s faith persists in demonstrating that God is truly reading those letters.

Get yourself a box of Kleenexes, and then get yourself the movie – Letters to God. I’m so thankful that my coworker just gave me the movie to watch. It was like… a message from God. Thanks Kirsten. It was truly a blessing.

Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13

-The Orange Mailman

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1 Response to Letters to God

  1. Michelle says:

    Thanks for a lovely date night and a GREAT movie, my wonderful Darrin. Love you!!!

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