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To smite or not to smite

Lest I come and smite the earth with a curse ~ Malachi 4:6, KJV. My wife likes the word “smite”. Don’t ask me why. I think she likes it when it refers to other people who get the smite and … Continue reading

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Muslim Strategy

I was listening to In The Market with Janet Parshall on Moody Radio the other day. I was able to hear the voice of someone which had been referenced on several message boards as being someone to be listened to … Continue reading

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Evidence From Jeremiah

Chapter 5 of The Coming Millennial Kingdom is titled Evidence From Jeremiah by Walter C. Kaiser, Jr. This chapter was good, but not great. While Kaiser hits the main points of interest in the book of Jeremiah, his primary concern … Continue reading

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The Spiritualization of Key New Testament Passages

In debating with Covenant Theologians, I kept running into a system of interpretation which would spiritualize key passages in the New Testament. The problem is that some of these passages are spiritual in nature. What Covenant Theologians were doing was … Continue reading

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PreWrath on the radio

PreWrath teacher Ron Wallace was recently featured on a radio program entitled The End Time Tribune.  The host conducted a very gracious interview in which the PreWrath Rapture view was clearly presented.  It seemed that the host knew that most … Continue reading

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Reformed view of the little horn

I’ve been lurking on the Puritan Board for a while now.  I’ve just been reading the views of these very intelligent Christians who mostly hold to A-Millennialist and Post-Millennialist viewpoints.  It’s insightful to see where they are coming from. Someone … Continue reading

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Nancy A. Burgen

I just finished a prophecy book.  Its title is Daniel’s 70th Week and it’s by Nancy A. Burgen.  I think I heard about it through Strong Tower Publishing even though I didn’t see it up there when I just checked.  This is … Continue reading

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Who are the wedding guests?

Some people want to point out in Revelation 19:9 when John hears about the marriage supper of the Lamb, that there are some people who are invited to this marriage supper.  They point out that since there are people invited … Continue reading

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Letters to God

I just watched a movie last night that I want to recommend to everyone, Christians and non-Christians. It’s called Letters to God and was quite eye opening. The basic plot is this. There is a boy named Tyler who has … Continue reading

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Testimony of a Former Preterist

Brain Simmons is still out there blogging on the dangers of Preterism, which is the idea that almost all of prophecy was fulfilled in 70AD.  In his latest post, he features a guest writer who has come out of Preterism.  … Continue reading

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