A New Orange Blog

Hey there, Orange.  I’m talking to myself because I know nobody else is reading this blog yet.  Nobody knows about it.  But some people will know shortly.  And when they do, I want to be ready with my first post.

Those of you who are now joining me over here, you probably already know me through my postings on the internet.  Hopefully you know that I am a Christian who loves the LORD Jesus Christ.  I post on some message boards, other people’s blogs, and on another blog of my own called The Orange Mailman.  It’s a Windows Live Spaces blog which is terrible to maneuvre.  It is very user UNfriendly.  This led me to search for another more user-friendly place to blog at.  I have enjoyed the setup of Glen Scrivener’s blog titled Christ the Truth for some time.  It’s easy to comment on, easy to find older posts, and is easy for me to follow.  So I decided on WordPress.

I will keep the other blog up and running.  But this will begin to be my primary place to post my thoughts on the Bible, theology, and (yes of course) eschatology.  For those who only know of this blog, I will probably do some re-o-ranging of some posts that were on the other blog.

I am not very web savvy at all.  I’m still learning this setup over here which is very different than Windows Live Spaces.  In fact, just while typing this post I learned how to drop down this function which allows me to color my font.  At first I was bummed because I didn’t think I would be able to color my orange the color orange, which is extremely important to me.  I really don’t know how commenting works, so please comment so I can figure it out.

You can expect many of the same things that I was posting at my other blog.  I am a Historic Pre-Millennialist and that doesn’t look like it’s changing anytime soon.  I also am a PreWrather.  I like to engage other eshatological positions and you will probably see that here.  I also love to have fun.  Debating to me is not this intense experience, it’s actually quite refreshing and enjoyable.  My signature verse is Luke 19:13 which essentially means that Jesus told His kingdom workers to “stay busy until I get back.”  So when I say “Have fun and stay busy”, I mean stay busy about the King’s business.  With that, I hope you all have fun reading this new blog since I believe it will prove to be more accessible to you my readers, without whom, this blog would mean nothing.

Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13

-The Orange Mailman

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4 Responses to A New Orange Blog

  1. Seroled says:

    Hello Orange Mailman!

    You are ‘ still ‘ my most favorite Historic Pre-Millennialist! So i guess you will not be making the move towards Historic/Partial Preterism and A-Millennialism- any time soon then? Just kidding Darrin 😉

    Our troops crossed the border into Kuwait! Oh happy day – they’ll be coming home soon. If only we could get out of Afghanistan sooner – rather than later…

    Have a great evening!


  2. Hey Delores-

    Yes, you’ll find my positions haven’t changed a whole lot. I’ve been having some dialogue with someone who switched from Historic PreMill to A-Mill. If you want to read our dialogue, click here.


    You’ll have to scroll down quite a bit until you get to our interchange. Thanks for stopping by, and good to hear from you again.

    Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13

    -The Orange Mailman

    P.S. My friend’s son in the Navy just finished his assignment in Afghanistan. So I understand your excitement.

  3. Seroled says:

    Morning Orange Mailman-

    Yes, i read T C R’s original post and followed/caught up with the exchange between you. That’s how i found the link to your new blog. You both argued the positions very well!

    Have a great weekend,Darrin


  4. Tim Arsenault says:

    I’m totally new to this. Kathy and Tim Hall are good friends of mine and have told me about you for some time. I’m a true computer nerd and am learning how to use this machine as well. I have thorouly enjoyed your thoughts and look foward to reading all of them as time permits. Keep up your insiteful study, it helps to be able to give reasonable answers to those doubting pre-wrath. I just wish people could simply open their eyes to what the text says and comparing Scripture w/Scripture. Once you see it it is an eye-opener and a bit scary, but it’s also refreshing to know that God is totatlly in control and will provide you the way of escape or help you endure the onslaught that is awaiting. I want to be a nike with firm resolve to not negotiate the truth that is evident about this subject; but gracious with those who for whatever reason can’t grasp it. Sometimes this is a bit difficult for me. I need patience. Thanks for your insites. Tim A (TA)

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