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Glen Beck in the news

Well, Glen Beck seems to be all over the place. Some are pretty upset, not with him, but with the majority of evangelical leaders for aligning themselves with him. This is what happens when you try to wage spiritual wars … Continue reading

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Daniel 7 must include the Gentiles

Fred Butler continues to post his eschatology series on the book of Daniel. He is just now getting into Daniel 7 which is the “good stuff” so to speak. Check out the latest post at this link here. Fred is … Continue reading

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Wanna Bet?

I have had people ask me if they think there is a possibility that we are in the midst of Daniel’s 70th week. For those of you who don’t know end times lingo, that means the final seven years of … Continue reading

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Christian bands named after roads?

What’s with Christian bands naming themselves after roads?  It seems like there has been quite a few which are named after a road, avenue, or drive.  Just think, there is Tenth Avenue North.  There is Remedy Drive.  And there is … Continue reading

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The Confusion of John the Baptist

I’ve heard many different ideas about why John the Baptist sent his disciples to ask Jesus if He was “The One” or should they look for another, see Matthew 11:2-3. The context of this passage is that Jesus has sent … Continue reading

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Insight on II Samuel 7:19

Chapter 3 in The Coming Millennial Kingdom is titled Evidence from Psalm 89. Those who have been reading my blog (the other one actually) know my thoughts on Psalm 89 and how it is imperative for an understanding of the … Continue reading

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Daniel 7:27/Revelation 20:4-6 Parallel

Daniel 7 is foundational for understanding much of Revelation. Hundreds of years before John saw his vision of a ten horned beast, Daniel saw a vision of a ten horned beast. Both Daniel and John saw the judgment of this … Continue reading

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Daughters of God

I’ve noticed a popular trend among progressing theologians.  The issue of women serving in the church has come to the forefront.  Many are pushing it to the forefront.  Most are rethinking the traditional view of how women can serve in … Continue reading

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Testing…. Testing… Testing…  because I can’t figure out how to work this very simple blog.

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A New Orange Blog

Hey there, Orange.  I’m talking to myself because I know nobody else is reading this blog yet.  Nobody knows about it.  But some people will know shortly.  And when they do, I want to be ready with my first post. … Continue reading

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